Flooring Options

Cabinet wood material | kitchen bath remodeling


Hickory, Oak, Cherry, and Birch are just a few of the species of wood that you can use as flooring. Due to its natural characteristics, wood flooring can be scratched and stained. Preventative measures include using area rugs and polishing every few months.

 Cost: $$$$

wood flooring material | kitchen bath remodeling
kitchen bath remodeling

Ceramic Tile

Technology has come a long way in the field of ceramic and porcelain tile. These tiles have the uncanny ability to mimic the visual characteristics of natural stone. What also makes ceramic and porcelain attractive is the fact that it needs no maintenance.

Cost: $

kitchen bath remodeling
kitchen bath remodeling


Laminate is a man-made product formed by pressing together synthetic material that boasts increased durability over its natural counterparts. Much like ceramic tile, laminate flooring needs very little maintenance besides cleaning and comes at a great price.

Cost: $$

kitchen bath remodeling
kitchen bath remodeling

Natural Stone

Natural Stone flooring comes in the form of travertine, marble, slate, granite, and more. As the name implies, all of these different materials come from the Earth. Most natural stone tile must be maintained with sealer to avoid stains on its porous surface.

Cost: $$$

kitchen bath remodeling

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