The World’s Best Cooking Experience

The #1 most recommended luxury cooking brand, world-class refrigeration, and other kitchen appliance essentials.

Enter the home of any AGA owner and you will find family and friends gathered around the kitchen while the host leans against their range with a glass of wine in hand and a smile illuminating each face.  AGA cast iron ranges are truly the heart of the home.

For those who aspire to the AGA lifestyle but prefer the power and instant control offered by an AGA Dual Fuel Range. Welcome to the best of both worlds.  Whether you are interested in the multi-function oven of the AGA Legacy or the professional styling and true European cooking technology of the AGA Professional, you can find it in an AGA

It’s all in the luxury details

The benchmark for clever design and storage flexibility, Marvel offers a multitude of size options, finishes, and shelving configurations or home and outdoor. It’s the brand found in world-class sports stadiums, celebrity entertainment rooms, luxury hotels and thousands of homes across North America. And, it’s the brand trusted by hospitals and medical facilities to preserve vital specimens to a precise degree of temperature stability.

Experience the difference quality craftsmanship makes in the elegant styling, smart design, and infallible durability, built into each unit. You can see the impeccable fit and lustrous finish that merges seamlessly with cabinetry as if both were inspired by one like the design. You can taste the difference in the way Marvel preserves the pure, perfectly chilled flavor of food, wine, and beverages.

When it comes to luxury, the details make all the difference. Your favorite drink is no exception. The addition of one detail—the ideal ice—makes a drink stay colder and the flavor last and last. No matter what drink you prefer, one thing can make it better: Scotsman ice, the ideal ingredient.

The Brilliance® Gourmet Cuber from Scotsman produces ice that’s crystal-clear and odorless. The unique shape prevents clumping and allows the cubes to melt slower, allowing drinks to stay truer to the flavors you love.

The Brilliance® Nugget Ice Machine from Scotsman delivers the same nugget ice we invented and brought to the foodservice industry in 1981. Cravings for the soft, crunchy goodness of this ice can now be satisfied at home with family and friends.

Universal Metal Industries, Inc. manufactures residential and professional series ventilation products. The company, which was founded in 1950, distributes throughout North America and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to OEM production for other appliance manufacturers, Universal Metal Industries produces and distributes a wide range of its own products.

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